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Queen of Rockabilly Honored in Duncan

DUNCAN, Okla._

The queen of rockabilly was honored in Duncan Saturday night for her lifetime musical contribution to film and broadcast media.

Oklahoma native, Wanda Jackson an American singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist  made her mark in the mid-1950s and 60s as one of the first popular female rockabilly singers.

Saturday Jackson made an appearance at Duncan's

Trail Dance Film Festival, recognized for her role in the film "Queens of Country."


Wanda Jackson's isn't about owning the title "First Lady of Rock and Roll."

"It feels pretty good," Jackson said.

Jackson was born in Maud, Oklahoma where she said her interest in music started in 1943, when she was just six years old.

"that's when I decided to be a girl singer," Jackson said.

In 1954, under the guidance of her father, she entered the music world.

Not too soon after, she was playing her first rock and roll song with another music legend.

"I was working with Elvis in 55 and 56 and he's the one that talked me into getting into to it, but we knew it was getting big, being very popular, but we had no idea of the proportion of this," Jackson said.

She said the cherry on top of her career came in 2009, when she was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

"That was a wonderful evening, I never thought that I would be there, never even entered my mind," Jackson said.

Former Capitol Hill high school classmate Maxine Price said even from a young age she knew Jackson was destined for fame.

"She deserves it, she deserves everything, she's just been a joy for me, been watching her go from one level to another level and just explode beautifully, " Price said.

She greeted her friend at the Simmon's Center and remembered Jackson's stardom started as far back as grade school.

"She was always available for any kind of assembly or talent shows or what have you and of course she sang on KLPR radio it was a Capitol Hill station, not the school but the area," Price said.

Jackson's  nearly six decades in the business  earned her the title of "Trail Blazer" for her lifetime musical contribution to film and broadcast media.

"No matter what you go through during the day to make your job when you walk on stage and have that applause and that's it," Jackson said.


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