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Phone scam targeting area seniors with Medicare

A new phone scam is hitting residents our area.

If you're a senior citizen and receive Medicare, scammers are looking to obtain information to help steal your identity.

"That's the first thing they need to be aware of, Medicare never calls people. There's too many," Lisa Hancock, Area Agency on Aging says.

Many Seniors have been receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be a representative from Medicare needing to verify information to send a card new card. These scammers also claim you need to set up direct deposit so your Medicare funds can be deposited into your bank account.

A local woman who didn't want to be identified on camera has already fallen victim.

"She gave her information trusting that it was Medicare and felt like it was important enough to do that," Hancock says.

Those behind this scam often times have already looked up online the names and home addresses of those they are calling.

"They're very good at that. They're very good to trick you into that information. And, she said we have your route number, but we need this other number for your checking account information," Hancock says.

It is important to know that Medicare does not make phone calls on these matters. They correspond via mail.

"You were supposed to set that up, and let them, and contact them as to where to put your check. But, they would not call you. Social Security would not call you. But, they should have gotten something in the mail to do that," Hancock says.

If you do receive one if these calls it is suggested to get as much information from them, like a name and telephone number, and report the call to the Better Business Bureau or the Texas Attorney General.

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