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More suspicious grassfires in Duncan; possible evidence found

Duncan_For the second time in less than a week, police are investigating another string of suspicious fires in Duncan.

Four more fires broke out Sunday afternoon along Ridley Road on the town's southeast side.  
Police say a couple of the fires charred private property, and in some cases, burned near the edges of at least two houses.

Duncan Police Detective John Byers says it's a mystery as to who or what caused these fires.
He says so far these fires have two things in common---they're happening during daylight hours and have traces of an unidentified substance within the burned area.

"It's a honeycomb design, appears to be man-made possibly have some type of metallic substance with it," said Det. Byers.

Byers says it appears the debris that may have started these fires was thrown from a vehicle, possibly on purpose.

"This is a very serious crime--second-degree arson, and could be upgraded to first-degree, if it does catch a structure on fire. If there's any loss of life, or anything like that, it could be a very, very serious crime."

Police say a white SUV was spotted driving from Thursday's string of grass fires along 5th
Street.  Police say the vehicle was described as a white 2003-2006 Chevy Tahoe,  Z71 package.

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