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NEW INFO: Reward Offered in Lawton Homicide

LAWTON Okla_ The estranged husband of Lawton's first homicide victim of 2013 is offering a reward for information in the case.

Tuesday, Sarah McCoy's former attorney, Arthur South, said just before Sarah's murder, she came to him and told him she feared for her life. He said he advised her to file for the emergency protective order against her estranged husband, Phillip McCoy. Sarah's murder soon followed the court filing, and South called the events a "unique coincidence."

Phillip McCoy's attorney said Phillip has been the lead suspect in his wife's murder since the beginning until this week. He said while his client remains a suspect in the case, he is no longer the lead suspect. Police have allegedly shifted their attention to someone else, and Phillip is even offering a $2,500 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of his wife's killer.

Sarah's former attorney said he's not familiar with the criminal charges of this case, but he said there has been some conflict between Sarah's parents and Phillip. He said her death and the events leading up to it were tragic.

Phillip McCoy's attorney said for weeks, his client has been trying to get his property from this house. The things include a motorcycle, boat, and trailer from the home he once shared with Sarah.

Phillip's attorney said he's not sure why Sarah's parents haven't released the items. Sarah's former attorney, now representing her parents, said they have every intention on doing so. They said they have just been grieving their daughter's loss. He said they are gathering Philip's items and plan to return them soon.

He said Sarah filed for two separate protective orders against Phillip, but like many other victims of domestic abuse, she dropped the charges. This past December, he said she was adamant about keeping her distance from him, after she claimed he threatened to kill her and her children.

Phillip's Attorney said his client wants to offer an even larger reward. To pay for that, he hopes to sell some of his possessions. These possessions have been locked up in Sarah's house since the homicide.

Lawton police would neither confirm nor deny the comments made by either side. We'll keep you updated.

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