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Lawton Salvage Yard Owner Captures Thief

LAWTON Okla_ A Lawton salvage yard owner trapped a thief in his lot early Wednesday afternoon until police arrived.

Mike Hodges of Hodges Auto Salvage got a call from a fellow business owner saying they'd seen a man steal scrap metal from another establishment, then head his way to make some money off the stolen goods.

After police had been called, Hodges and his crew made sure the thief couldn't get away.

"We kind of blocked their truck in where they couldn't get out," Hodges said.

Hodges said stopping thieves and filing police reports are just part of the job when you own a salvage yard. He thinks the rise in theft is a result of the suffering economy. Whatever the reason, Hodges said it's a problem that just seems to be getting worse in the Lawton area.

"It's just a thing they do right now," Hodges said. "They'll pick stuff up and bring it here and try to sell it. They'll steal the copper and try to sell it. We try to be careful of what we buy and try to eliminate some of this stealing that's going around town."

Hodges said it's very common for a thief to risk getting caught for just $20 worth of stolen metal.

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