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Court Affidavit Reveals Details of Lawton Counterfeit Operation

LAWTON Okla_ A court affidavit is revealing more details involving last Friday's counterfeiting ring bust in Lawton.

Court documents show Jose Gonzales and Pamela Porter were the two suspects authorities arrested when secret service agents raided a mobile home at 28th and "J". The home belongs to porter. Both are being charged with possession of counterfeit cash.

Records show authorities were first alerted to the counterfeit scheme in Norman last June. In December, authorities discovered a link to Lawton. The affidavit links the pair to another man and woman arrested in Lawton January 8th.

They all had been under surveillance in Norman for passing counterfeit bills.

Pamela porter's boyfriend Kevin Shilling quickly shut the door when our 7News crew showed up to talk to him, but then he cracked the door to say something about his girlfriend's involvement in the counterfeit money scheme.

"I know that she got in a bad situation that's not as big as what they thought," Shilling said. "She was only involved a little bit. She just got caught at the wrong time."

Court documents show she was able to fill her bank account with over $10,000, in spite of being unemployed for over two years.

The lead investigator in the case was unable to comment on exactly what authorities found in Porter's house. According to the affidavit, authorities seized $3,000 of counterfeit cash found in Porter's purse inside of the house. They also uncovered tools to manufacture the illegal tender.

Court documents show police also found a printer, some cleaning solution, and 16 bills in the process of being washed and manufactured. Matthew Alvoid lives across the street and was at home when the bust went down.

"You hear about it, but you never think it would be that close to home," Alvoid said. "You hear about stuff on TV. You know it happens some places, but never like right here in Lawton."

Erin Williams also lives across the street. She said she's glad authorities made the stop on her neighbor's operation.

"It's bad," Williams said. "That's money out of people's pockets. They wonder why the economy is as bad as it is."

The secret service is still following leads with the case and say there will be more arrests.

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