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Amarillo's cell phone petition nearing deadline

Amarillo, Texas - The deadline on the petition to put Amarillo's hands-free cell phone ordinance to a vote is less than 24 hours away.

Petition organizers have until Friday to turn 3,920 valid signatures into Amarillo's city secretary.

As of last count Thursday, we're told they have just over 3,000. Organizer, David Kossey, does say they are still collecting signatures from their 35 signing locations.

"We're trying to collect them and see what we've got. But, places like Jimmy Fincher, we're getting a lot of new locations every day, and we still have time to put on the November ballot without losing any signatures. We actually have time to put it on the May ballot, but that really comes at the city agreeing to do that," Kossey says.

But, city officials say because it is written in their charter, they must go by city law and not state. State law would have allowed the petition to be turned in by February 15th.

"From the time the petition was started and from the time we receive it, after 180 days, any names that were on that petition prior to that they automatically start dropping off the list," Sonja Gross, Amarillo Community Relations Coordinator says.

Officials say once the valid petition is turned in a special election in November would be called to put the ordinance to a vote.

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