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Neighbors React to Stephens Co. Home Invasion Arrests

STEPHENS CO., Okla_ Stephens County Sheriffs' Deputies have arrested two men in this week's violent home invasion near Comanche.

Authorities said they arrested Jeremy Roebuck Wednesday afternoon and Jeffrey Herbert around 8:30 AM Friday morning. Roebuck lives in Marlow and Herbert lives in Comanche. Authorities said the pair broke into the couple's home around 1:30 Tuesday morning. They shot the man in the side and the leg, tied up his wife and burglarized the house. Authorities said the victim is in stable condition at OU Medical Center as of Friday evening.

Authorities won't say exactly how it happened. In fact, they're not saying much about the case at this time. However, neighbors are speaking out, saying how relieved they are the men were caught.

Glen Harris lives up the road from where it happened.

"I'm very proud," Harris said. "I wish it wouldn't have happened. "I don't know why anybody would do something like that."

Harris said even before Tuesday's early morning incident here, he always had a way of taking precautions answering his door when the sun's down.

"When it gets dark and somebody comes up, I've got a 38 special."

He said luckily, he's not had to use his gun yet. He said he hopes he never has to. June McGuire also lives down the road from where the home invasion took place.

"I feel very relieved," McGuire said. "I would feel really bad if it turns out I know them or know the family."

She said over the years, her family has changed their security.

"When we moved here in 1948, you left the doors open and the keys in the car, but no more."

Harris and McGuire said despite the home invasion that took place here, moving from the area has not been a thought. They say they've lived nearby far too long to be scared off.

"This is our dream," Harris said, "Coming down here and getting this."

"Oh my goodness no," McGuire said. "I've lived in this house for 65 years in June. This is our home."

Sheriff Wayne McKinney said authorities are still investigating but for now, the men are expected to be charged with robbery.

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