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Lawton Girls Hold Fundraiser For Friend With Cancer

LAWTON, Okla_January is a time many use to get a fresh start, but for one Lawton family, it was a month of grief and the beginning of a long road ahead.

On January 16th, 20-year-old Shannon Myott was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She began her first chemo treatments this week, and the medical bills are piling up. Shannon's family has been struggling to make sense of the whole experience, but now they're getting a little help from some friends.

When doctors told Connie Myott her 20-year-old daughter, Shannon, had Hodgkin's Lymphoma her mind went numb.

"I thought I heard wrong. I thought how could she get this cancer? Where did it come from? Why? It's pretty devastating, " said Myott.

Their family has never battled cancer before, and the pain has made them feel helpless. But two of Shannon's childhood friends knew there had to be some way they could help.

"We just want to give her what she deserves. She's such a good person that we want to donate as much money as we can, " said Shannon's best friend, Kailey Marcum.

So, they decided to have a fundraiser. As soon as Kailey got the devastating news about her best friend the wheels started turning, and the idea of selling t-shirts came to mind.

"They are purple tank tops. They say 'I conquer' on the front, and the back is says 'Keep Calm and Conquer' and it says Shannon Strong is what we hashtagged it as, " said Marcum.

The purple is symbolic for the type of cancer Shannon has and the message comes from the Bible.

Although Shannon has only been diagnosed for a couple of weeks it seems like years since before they got the bad news. For now, they're just keeping their focus on the day that Shannon is finally cancer-free.

"We talked about it yesterday and we're just ready for it to be over. I told her no matter what you're going to be beautiful inside and out. You know you can pull through this. Just think about it, you're gonna make it through, " said Marcum. 

"She's gonna be tired, she may be sick, she'll probably lose her hair. She knows all that. Doesn't mean she likes it, but she knows she has to go through it to get on that other side and to flourish and be the person that she always planned to be because she's not gonna let the cancer get her down. You know she's gonna kick the cancer out of her, " said Myott.

The girls will be at Eisenhower High School from 1-4 PM Saturday. They'll be selling tank tops and t-shirts for $15-$20, and all proceeds will go to Shannon. 

The family has also set up a donation account at Arvest Bank under the name "Shannon Myott Support."

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