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Bullying claim investigated at Duncan elementary school

Duncan_A mother, fed up with the bullying she says her son is enduring at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, is taking her fight to the State School Superintendent's office.

Sharon Macias says her 10-year-old son, Alex, has been repeatedly bullied, verbally and physically, while at school,  She says she has talked with the school and the Duncan Police Department about the situation, and now she's sending a letter to State Superintendent Janet Barresi.

She's asking Barresi to change the policies for schools regarding punishments against bullying. She says the relentless bullying her son has suffered has affected his sense of safety, his grades and his emotions.

At first glance, Alex looks like a normal, happy-go-lucky kid. But, Sharon says her son's demeanor changes when it's time to go to school.

"He's been called names, shoved, kicked, knocked down, They're wrapping their little hands around his throat and choking him. He begs me not to go," said Sharon.

Macias says with each incident, she calls school officials. She says she doesn't doubt that they address the situation. but she says it isn't working.

"I get, 'We will look into it.' That's usually the answer for everything, 'I will look into it'. It's been a long time of looking into it. I want results," she said.

The assistant principal of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School told 7NEWS she cannot comment on this situation, as it involves a minor. But she says the school does have policies and procedures in place to deal with these types of situations.

Macias says she also wants to speak at a state school board meeting about her son, to put a face on the frustration parents of bullied children go through.

"If you have repeat offending kids that are doing the bullying, they're punished, but they come back and they do it again. They're just changing targets. That kid needs to be taken out of the school. It needs to stop. 'No tolerance' means no tolerance."

Sharon says taking your child to school is not only about education, it's also about trust --- knowing that your child will be protected from emotional and physical abuse.

"People need to start waking up. We've had so much disasters and tragedies. These are my babies. I love them and I do anything for them and I expect that when I take my kids to school and they're put in the hands of someone else, they'll have that same love and protection as they do when they're with me."

Macias says that parents of bullies need to take more responsibility for their children's actions. She says it's going to take parents and school officials working together to see results.

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