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Mayor Determined to Stop Rash of Cache Burglaries

CACHE Okla_ An increase in burglaries in the city of Cache has residents on edge, and city officials are willing to spend money to try and help solve them.

Mayor Shawn Komahcheet said the city is offering up to $1,500 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the people involved. He said since last November, the burglars have hit nearly 20 homes, cars and businesses in town. That does not include seven more home burglaries on the outskirts of Cache in the past month.

Mayor Komahcheet said it's gotten so bad, he plans on hiring a full-time investigator that handles nothing but these types of cases. He said also plans on implementing neighborhood watch programs across the city. He said it's going to take the entire community working with law enforcement to put a stop to these burglaries.

"We're at that point we've got to get the community more involved," Komahcheet said. "Even if you saw something that doesn't amount to anything, it doesn't hurt to call."

Mayor Komahcheet said the number of cases are rising and admits that local police need help.

"What I want to do is get the council to approve our community to be a neighborhood watch," Komahcheet said. "I want the councilmen to initiate watches in their zones. We just need to get more people involved. Hopefully, the reward will help give these people a sense of satisfaction that the community as a whole is doing something."

According to a Comanche County Sheriff's report, a thief kicked in the front door of a home last night and stole almost $14,000 worth of goods.

Residents who live in the area say this particular burglary hit too close to home.

"It's unnerving," neighbor Lori Strehlow said, "Knowing that it's so close. You think out here in the country, you're safer or less vulnerable, but apparently that's not the case anymore."

Residents said they're on board with the idea of a neighborhood watch to protect what they fought hard to secure: their home and their safety.

"I think it's a fantastic idea," Stehlow said. "I think it should have been done a long time ago. I'm exited to see that happen."

"I definitely agree with it," Resident Monica Paszkowiak said, "Because obviously, the police have quite a bit on their hands. It's getting out of hand with the burglaries. So, we need to get together as residents to help out with this project."

Mayor Komacheet is encouraging anyone who may have seen something suspicious to call the police department or city hall. He said you will remain anonymous.

Mayor Komahcheet said a Comanche County Sheriff's Deputy will be at the next city council meeting next Monday night to educate the public on neighborhood watch programs. It starts at 7 PM at Cache City Hall.

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