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Cameron Professor Immortalizes the Refuge in New Composition

LAWTON, Okla_The Wildlife Refuge is a thing of beauty, and many sit among the mountains to paint, write or take photographs, but few have been so inspired by the scenery that they decide to write a song.

That's exactly what one of Cameron University's professors has done, and now he's getting some recognition.

Greg Hoepfner has been a professor of music for 17 years and a composer for decades, and just recently he found out his latest work has been selected for a new music festival in Nebraska. He's had many pieces picked up for festivals in the past, but the inspiration behind this one makes it extra special.

When he decided to create a composition for his wife, Hoepfner knew he better get it right.

"The title is Refuge and it's based on the Refuge. My wife and I practically go out every weekend. It's probably one the prettiest places in Oklahoma, " Hoepfner said.

So he got to work on putting together the instruments and sounds that would best capture the beauty of the Refuge.

"You know first I imagined some of the sounds and what instruments would compliment those sounds, " Hoepfner said.

He admits that not all compositions are created equal, but the subject of this one was too beautiful to give up on and he was determined to do it right, for both the Refuge and his wife.

"So I used the themes that I like and the instruments that I like and you hope it works at the end, " said Hoepfner.

And the folks at the University of Nebraska-Kearney's New Music Festival thought it did.

So, when Hoepfner got the word he had been selected, he was just beside himself.

"It's kind of like a winning a lottery kind of a thing. It's an incredibly neat phone call, " said Hoepfner.

And while he said having his piece come to life is an awesome feeling, he insisted the real reward comes in the gift he's made for his wife, and the timeless ode to his beautiful home that will go on forever.

"I would do it anyway. I send it out there because certain instrumentations you just have to send them out to see if there's somebody out there who'd be willing to play it. And that's nice. But, it's just an extra bonus kind of a thing, " said Hoepfner.

"Refuge" will debut at the University of Nebraska-Kearney's New Music Festival on February 11th. 

Hoepfner said he will post a recording of "Refuge" to his website after its debut, and has plans to get it published, so the music inspired by the beauty of the Refuge can be shared with many.

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