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Cotton Co. Voters to Decide on 911 Service Fees

COTTON CO., Okla_ The pressure is on in Cotton County. They're under orders from the state to install an enhanced 911 system.

Tuesday, voters will decide on a fee to pay for it. Back in 2006, legislature mandated that all counties would have this new system in place by January of 2013, so Cotton County is behind schedule.

There are two propositions on this Tuesday's ballot. One would add a 50 cent monthly fee to their cell phone bills, and the other would add about a $3 monthly increase to their landline connections.

Cotton County District 2 Commissioner Chris Lipscomb said if residents don't approve the phone bill fee, the state will decide how the County will pay for the E911 service.

"We don't want the state into our business," Lipscomb said. "We want to control it for the benefit of the voters of Cotton County."

Commissioner Lipscomb said if the two proposals pass, they will go towards the upkeep of the E911 system. He said residents should remember the benefit the enhanced 911 system will offer Cotton County.

"The basic 911 we got now will call the sheriff's department," Lipscomb said, "But they cannot pinpoint where the phone call has come from. With the E911, once that call's made, then the dispatcher can direct the personnel right to where that phone call was made."

Commissioner Lipscomb said so far, everyone he's talked to about the proposals is in favor of them passing.

"They think we need to keep up with the technology," Lipscomb said. "The way things are going, Cotton County shouldn't be left behind."

He said he hopes come February 12th, residents will make the right decision.

"Hopefully, the voters get out and improve it," Lipscomb said. "It'll be a great benefit for the County."

Now, Lipscomb said getting the proposals passed is the first step. The next steps include finding money to run the system, addressing and mapping the whole County, and putting street signs up. He said the County will apply for grants to foot the bill.




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