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Stand-off With Armed and Suicidal Woman Ends Tragically

LAWTON, Okla_A stand-off between Lawton Police and an armed, suicidal woman ended tragically Thursday afternoon.

30 year old Lauren Haskins had a gun and was threatening to take her own life when police showed up to her house to check in on her.

After attempting to negotiate peacefully with her in her back yard, officers felt they were left with no other option than to fire at Haskins while her husband and two children were inside the home.

It had been a routinely calm day around the neighborhood, but neighbors said things went from calm to chaotic in a matter of minutes.

 "We actually just checked the mail, there was no one, came inside and two minutes later there were sirens everywhere, " said neighbor Brandi Stringer.

Brandi Stringer was at home when police showed up to Lauren Haskins' residence while she was threatening to take her own life.

"My mom said there's cops everywhere come out. There's an onslaught of cops, there's an ambulance, couple under covers, a lot of cops running around the building, guns drawn, just running back and forth, " said Stringer.

Police came to check on Haskins after receiving a call from someone concerned about her well-being. They were able to determine she was armed, and after attempting to negotiate with Haskins to put down her gun, officers felt it necessary to fire.

Brandi stringer heard the shots from her house.

"Shots were fired, and a couple seconds later they had tape up and wheeling the body out, " Stringer said.

Haskins was taken to Comanche County Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Stringer and other neighbors never would have suspected something like this would unfold at the Haskins' residence. They said they were quiet and kept to themselves.

"They've only recently moved in so I don't know the people too well, " said Stringer.

Haskins' husband and two children were also at the home at the time of the shooting.

No one's sure what could have caused such a tragic end to a day that started out so peacefully.

OSBI Has launched an investigation. At this time they are gathering information to determine exactly how many officers fired shots and if the officers who did so were justified.

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