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Downtown Amarillo renovation update

Amarillo, Texas - Amarillo's downtown renovation project may be further along than you think.

There have been talks of updating the downtown area since August of 2011.

Viewers have been asking where the city stands in the renovation, and we found answers.

Gary Pitner, the president of Amarillo Local Government Corporation tells us the latest big step in the 113 million dollar project, is the development of a convention center hotel.

Pitner says they estimate a 36 month time frame when it comes to the completion of the hotel project, and they're about 7 months in.

Time wise, we're told, they are right where they should be.

Gary Pitner says, "the stage that we are at specifically is the private sector partner, Wallace Bajjali finalizing the private sector funding for the hotel construction. This is where we would expect to be at this point of the journey. So are we there yet, no. Are we well on our way, I'm confident that we are."

The two other phases of the project are an 800 car parking garage and a multi purpose event venue, or the baseball field.

We're told getting the hotel going is a spring board for the other projects.

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