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Texas Attorney General stops in Amarillo

Amarillo, TX - The hot button issues being discussed in the 82nd legislative session were brought to Amarillo Friday.

Healthcare and gun rights remain a top concern for Amarillo residents.

That's why Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says he came to the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce, so he could hear those concerns and make sure they are addressed in Austin.

In regards to the affordable care act, the Attorney General says we are seeing it turn into the unaffordable care act as costs for healthcare and insurance begin to rise.

He says components of the act are currently being challenged in hopes of solving some of the problems.

Abbott says he is also fighting the Obama Administration so that the second amendment rights of Texans are not stripped.

One of his top priorities is making sure the community is safe.

"After the tragic shooting in Connecticut, I serve on the Texas School Safety Board and I immediately checked to see if school districts within the state of Texas were in compliance by the standards established by the school safety board. I found out there were 78 school districts that were not in compliance. That was about a month ago and since that time almost all of those school districts have come into compliance. They are making sure children in the schools will be safe," says Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

With residents leaning on Abbott for support, one of the biggest questions asked is whether he's planning on running for governor.

Abbott says between taking on the Obama Administration and working with Senator Kel Seliger on issues that affect Texans, we can worry about politics after the session is over.

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