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Dozens plunge into icy water for the Special Olympics

LAWTON, OK._Saturday, it took more than donations to be a part of the Lawton Country Club's Polar Plunge…it took some serious guts!

Dozens braved the cold, overcast weather on Saturday to support the Special Olympics.

And with temperatures in the low 40's and a brutal wind chill, this fundraiser was not for the faint of heart.

The plunge started with the Special Olympics oath, "let me win, but if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt!"

Our local heroes took the plunge.

They are known for their courage and on Saturday, with icy temperatures the Lawton Police Department and the Fire Department...needed every bit of it.

There were teams from schools and businesses, some of them donning some very interesting costumes.

But silly costumes aside these ladies have heart felt connections to the cause.

Nadine Hanefield was the oldest jumper at the plunge and works with special needs children.

"My heart is with those kids and they have very limited opportunities to participate in fun sports and exciting things and this is why we're doing it!," said Hanefield.

Another jumper, Natalie Smith says this event is important to her and her daughter Emily.

Emily is special needs and made the icy jump side by side with her mother.

Her mom says Emily competes in the Special Olympics every year and this event is something they do not like to miss.

"This is her thing.  She's on the hammerhead swim team, she plays unified basketball and she does the track and field event," said Smith.

Some of the jumpers were newbies...just hoping for the best.

"I had a good breakfast this morning and I'm full that a word? No...this is it right here (points to beard) and as you can see it's not staying together!," said one novice jumper.

But the more experienced plungers, like Noah Dean know that the water is only as intimidating as you let it become.

"It feels awesome, once you get in you don't feel the cold but when you get out you feel the cold," said Dean.

Sky warn 7 Meteorologist, Austin Bowling took the plunge, too!

"By the time you finally jump in...the whole thing, ice cold. But finally when you hop out it actually doesn't feel too bad, but it was very refreshing to say the least," said Bowling.

Bowling said he felt like he could take on the world after the icy jump...Noah Dean agrees.

"If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything, like back to the future!," said Dean.  


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