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Lawton Man Victim of Bizarre Burglary

Lawton Man Victim of Bizarre Burglary

Lawton, OKLa._A mysterious knock on a Lawton man's door early Sunday morning ended in a bizarre twist after a larger woman barged in and burglarized his apartment. It happened just after two am at an apartment complex on Northwest Motif Manor Drive. Ozzy Red Elk told police when he went to answer his door he had no idea who the woman was. She told him she was stranded and needed to use the phone, but when he told her to leave, she forced her way in and stole his wallet.

Red Elk said he had been hearing strange knocks at his door late at night for the past two weeks. He said when he would get to the door, no one was there. Red Elk said this time was different. When he opened his door Sunday morning, he found a strange woman on the other side.

"She looked calm...but kind of like someone who is high on something", he said.

He said she told him she was stranded and needed to use his phone.

"I says well I don't know you. Then she just shoved the door open. She came on in and said well I want to use your bathroom then. I said no I want you to leave right now. I started hollering for security, she says quit hollering and then she pushed me", said Red Elk.

That's when he said grabbed his wallet that was sitting on a table by the door and took off. He said he believes the wallet's location may have saved him from serious injury.

"If my wallet wasn't laying there, she and whoever she was with probably would have started beating on me to get to the money if I had any", he said.

Red Elk said this terrifying ordeal lasted about six minutes before the woman finally left his apartment. He said he never thought he'd see her or his stolen property again. Then, things got even more bizarre.

"I am trying to wake up security. She's standing right there and said, give me twenty dollars and I'll give you your wallet back", he said.

Lawton police Captain Robert Puccino said under no circumstances, should you ever answer a strange knock at your door late at night.

"I would just not answer the door and just call the police department and let us come out there and check. We'll identify the person for you and let you know who they are. If they didn't belong there then we take the appropriate actions.", said Puccino.

Red Elk said he learned his lesson the hard way.

"I guess they watch people. I guess they've been watching me for a while and I was a good target", he said.

The woman is described as a black woman who stands at five-foot-eight inches tall and weighs about 195 pounds. Red Elk said he believes he has seen her before in the neighborhood.


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