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Five Arrested in Stephens Co. Drug Bust

STEPHENS CO., Okla_ Investigators continue to crack down on Oklahoma's meth problem. The latest arrests were made in Duncan including a mother and father.

The District Attorney's Drug Task Force said after months of investigation, they were able to raid a home and arrest five people, including the parents of a 3-year-old girl. Investigators said the toddler was living in a home filled with drugs with no regard to her safety.

An undercover agent who wished to remain anonymous said the environment they found the young child living in was appalling. He said the child was in the house with both her parents, grandmother and two other adults, and none of them thought to shield her from their drug-filled environment.

When a swarm of investigators raided the home, they found the five individuals inside along with a cocktail of drugs that included methamphetamine, marijuana, pills, and drug needles. Investigators said they found the 3-year-old baby girl where her parents Robyn Allen and Adrian Greer were suspected of dealing or using drugs.  Investigators also believe the child's grandmother Cherise Allen was involved in the drug sale.

Investigators found meth wrapped in baggies ready to be sold. They said there were drug needles scattered throughout the home and even drug scales inside the baby's closet next to her bottles and food. Four of the five individuals arrested were charged with felonies. The baby girl was taken into state custody.

Investigators said the arrests were the result of a long investigation and a team effort between the District Attorney's Drug Task Force, the Duncan Police Department, and Sheriff's Department.

Investigators believe the home belongs to the child's great grandmother, who no longer lives there. They said none of the individuals suspected they were being watched by investigators.

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