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Elgin Public Schools Constructing New Buildings

ELGIN Okla_ Elgin's small school district is growing rapidly. So, to accommodate the students, two new buildings are in the works.

The 2011 Capital Improvement Plan allotted over $14M to the project. New 6th and 3rd grade centers are going up on the district's campus, with each building around 35,000 square feet.

When Superintendent Tom Crimmins looks out at the construction site, he doesn't see metal frames and heavy machinery. He sees progress and growth.

"Over the last 25 years, we've averaged approximately 60 kids per year growth," Crimmins said.

67% of the community voted "Yes" back in 2011, allowing the City to pay for the two new buildings. They will house both middle and elementary school students.

"Our great need was classroom space as well a place to feed those kids," Crimmins said. "With the growing numbers that we have, our existing cafeterias were just being overloaded."

There will also be a new library media center and band and vocal room that will double as a safe room.

"It's completely concrete all the way around, top and walls," Crimmins said. "So, we have a safe place for the kids to go in case of storm."

The 3rd grade building will come equipped with classrooms and a new gymnasium that doubles as another safe room. Crimmins said he is continuously blown away by the support in the Elgin community, whether it's cheering on the fighting owls or voting "Yes" for progress.

"Our people in Elgin understand the need," Crimmins said. "It was all about need. I'm very proud. I'm proud of our community and our patrons for supporting our schools. That's why we've got a great school, because we've got such a supportive community."

The 6th grade center is set to open its doors at the start of this next school year. The 3rd grade center is set to open no later than January of 2014.


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