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Testimony Continues in Comanche County Assault Trial

LAWTON Okla_ Emotions boiled over in a Comanche County courtroom today in the trial of a Lawton man accused of shooting another man after an ongoing feud turned violent.

Justin Keith's defense attorneys admit that he shot Benjamin Meads during a fight last February, but they say he did it in self defense. Tuesday, an eyewitness to the shooting gave tearful and heated testimony about what happened.

Amanda Paige is a friend of both the defendant, Justin Keith and the victim, Benjamin Meads. More importantly, she watched the violent encounter unfold before her eyes. She testified that everyone who witnessed the shooting was terrified of Meads. Things got so heated during cross-examination, she even challenged the prosecution. She yelled, "Why are you defending this monster? He tried to kill my friend!"

"I didn't talk about it several times after it happened," Paige said. "I gave y'all all my statements then. It's the same as it is now. He was coming to kill Justin, and I'm not changing that."

Sparks flew as Amanda Paige told jurors her recollection of what happened that fateful day on southwest H Avenue. She said hours before the shooting, Benjamin Meads told her that he hated his mother and wanted to kill her. She said Tina Meads told her she feared for her life. She said while she was inside her trailer, she saw Justin Keith, Tina Meads and another man standing outside. She said that's when Benjamin Meads pulled up, jumped out of his truck and charged at his mother.

She said Keith said something to Meads, and Meads started beating on Keith. Paige said she saw Tina Meads jump on Ben. Tina would later testify that she stabbed him out of fear for her life.

Paige said when she saw Benjamin Meads run to his truck and look under the passenger seat, she assumed he was reaching for a gun. So, she ducked down. She said she heard several shots fired. Paige said when she got up, Justin Keith yelled "Oh my god! Call the police! I just shot Ben!"

Benjamin Meads has stated that his 4-year-old son was in the truck during the shooting. However, Paige and Tina Meads testified that they never saw him. The prosecution questions that, because they say there was an adult sitting in the truck at the time who could have blocked their view.

Tina meads said in her testimony that she stabbed Benjamin, because he has been physically abusive toward her. She thought he came there to kill her.

Testimony wrapped up Tuesday and is expected to resume Wednesday at 9AM.



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