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Amarillo considers renewing teen curfew

AMARILLO - A public hearing will help Amarillo City commissioners decide whether to extend the curfew for teens.

Amarillo police say the ordinance that prohibits teens 16 and under from being out past midnight has been successful in reducing juvenile crime since the city first adopted it in 1995.

The Amarillo Police Chief presented a report to city commissioners today. The report shows that police made 130 arrests or citations to teens last year, and it gave several specific examples of police being able to stop certain crimes because of the curfew ordinance.

But the curfew isn't only in place to keep teens from committing crimes, it's for their own protection.

"It keeps them off the streets, keeps them from becoming a victim. You know, there's places with alcohol being served, you get 15 and 16 year-olds down in that crowd. They can become a victim of assault, maybe sexual assault," Amarillo Police Corporal Jerry Neufeld said.

Consequences for violating curfew include attending a class with a parent on why the law is so important or a fine of up to 500 dollars.

This ordinance has been renewed every three years since 1995, but a public hearing next Wednesday at city hall will give residents a chance to voice their concerns.

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