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VoTech Students Build House From Ground Up

LAWTON, Okla_Carpentry, roofing and plumbing are just three skills students at the Great plains Technology Center have been able to master while they've worked to build a house from the ground up.

For the fifth time, a group of students has mastered the project and like each year before, the project home is put on the market for an actual owner to buy.

The reward the students and instructors get from this house is three fold. The instructors get to see their students gain a valuable life experience, the students get a massive sense of accomplishment and from the sale of the house some of these very students could even get a little bit of scholarship money.

Mitchell Jennings is filled with pride because the house he's been building is soon going to be a home for one lucky family.

He said it's been cool experience he'll never forget.

"It's good to get to learn hands on instead of just studying a book. You wouldn't be able to learn all of this stuff just out of a book, " said Jennings.

He's learned everything from cabinetry to how to install dry-wall and he knows these skills will take him far.

"It opens up a lot of job opportunities and even if I wasn't going to use it as a job it's good to have that knowledge just so you can fix things in your own home and things like that, " Jennings said.

This is instructor Mike Ferguson's ninth year with the program, but he says it doesn't make completing the project any less special.

"Any time you build something with students it's an accomplishment all by itself because they get the sense of accomplishment from starting something you know from scratch, " said Ferguson.

The students use the same materials as professionals so they can hopefully walk out the door and get a job with any contractor in town.

"We start out in the classroom and then you know we come out and we construct what we've learned in the classroom, and so to see a project like this come full circle and be finished it gives me a sense of pride that we're able to do it, " Ferguson said.

The Great Plains Technology Foundation provides all of the funding for the project, so once the house is bought by an owner, any remaining money left over will go to a scholarship fund for Great Plains students. Ferguson notes it's an added bonus that's already part of a stellar package.

"They're able to help provide not only themselves a great house but they're also able to help students and give back to the school that most of them have either attended school at or have at one time been on the campus, " said Ferguson.

Ferguson said the house will make a fine home for any type of family. It was built with care and every nail and screw was placed with a purpose.

The house will be on the market starting Sunday. It will be listed for $69,500.

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