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Comanche Co. Couple's 72-Year Marriage

COMANCHE CO., Okla_ James and Virginia Dungan from Comanche County have been married for nearly 72 years. They agree it takes hard work for a marriage to be successful.

He's 90, and she's 88. They respect and honor each other just like they did the day they said "I do." They married June 7th, 1941. She was 16 and he was 18. James described their life together in one word: "Wonderful."

Now, that doesn't mean they've never had any problems. It just means they respected each other and worked through the problems whenever one came along.

He chose her more than seven decades ago. To this day, he is proud she said yes.

"I thought, ‘Now that's the one I want right there, because she'll make me a good hand," James said.

That's exactly what Virginia has been to James: his right-hand woman. Even when it meant she had to get her hands dirty baling hay.

"He needed help," Virginia said," "And that's what we were doing for a living. We were farming. I thought that was part of my job."

In return, he helped her by doing stuff around the house. They've worked together since day 1. They've been working together around the house and on their marriage.

"We just always respected each other, you know?" Virginia said. "That's just what we wanted to do."

That respect carried over, even when they had their disagreements.

"Well, just both of us hushed," Virginia said, "Before it went any further."

The Dungans also understand the meaning of partnership.

"She never had her money," James said. "I never had my money. We had our money. If we had 5 dollars, we both had it."

Their selflessness has set and is setting quite the example for the rest of the family.

"Those people in there are the epitome of what marriage should be," said Ericka Carmon, James and Virginia's granddaughter. "They've helped each other through everything for 72 years."

So, the Dungans have built a life, a home, and a family that loves them dearly, but what's the real secret to their success?

"He will even wash dishes," Virginia said.

That must be why they are still valentines all these years later. Even though she is legally blind, Virginia still cooks for him. In return, he vacuums the house. When 7News asked them what they got each other for Valentine's Day, they both replied "Nothing. We have each other."

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