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Lawton Water Park to Reopen in Spring

LAWTON Okla_ It may be cold outside, but the Comanche Tribe already has summer on the brain.

Each year a big question around here is, "Will the Comanche Nation Water Park open for business?" The leaders of the Comanche Tribe say "Yes."

It was just last March that the tribe had to give refunds on season passes after admitting they didn't have the finances to get the park opened. A local group came in weeks later to open the park in June. For unnamed reasons, they are no longer involved with the park's operations. The tribe wouldn't give us any details regarding how the financial outlook has changed. They do say, however, that the water park is now at the top of their agenda. So, the people of Lawton will have a place to soak up some rays this summer.

Newly-appointed Chairman of the water park Bill Shoemate knows they've been under fire over the park's operations in the past. He said he is excited to make improvements and ready to prove any critics they have wrong.

If there's one thing Shoemate wants you to know about the Comanche Nation Water Park re-opening, it's this: it will open on time. Residents in the area have long been used to the running drama with the water park. It's changed hands a couple of times. Some years, it's had trouble even getting the season started.

Shoemate said the tribe knows they've got something to prove.

"There was one year that we didn't get the thing open," Shoemate said. "Boy, we caught a lot of heat. The public was going nuts. The paper, the television, everybody was talking about the water park opening. This is something the community needs."

He said there are big plans in the works. The entire park will get a bit of a facelift, and there will even be a couple of new attractions.

"We have some great plans," Shoemate said. "We have this half a million dollar slide coming in. We're rejuvenating what we have here. Everything's being worked over."

There is also talk of adding in a skating rink: an addition Shoemate believes the town needs. He has the confidence of the entire tribe behind him, and he hopes to infect potential season pass holders with the same confidence.

"I'm ready," Shoemate said. "They wouldn't have put us over here and have us doing all this work, if we're not going to open. The tribe is behind it 100%. The community is behind it. So, it's just one of those things that will definitely happen."

With the park opening, a slew of new job opportunities arise. Shoemate is ready to start taking resumes and applications for every position from cooks to lifeguards. They can be dropped off in the office on the park's premises.

Shoemate plans to have season passes on sale starting next week for $60.



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