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Residents React to Marlow Burglary

MARLOW Okla_ Two men have been arrested for a daylight burglary in Marlow, after police say they caught them in the act. 

Joseph Lacobon and James Rouse are accused of breaking into a house near North 4th Street and Steele a little after 10:30 AM Monday.

The homeowners told 7News they were asleep in rooms in the back of the house when they were awakened by the loud bang of someone kicking in their front door. They stayed quiet, while one of residents called police from inside a closet.   

Authorities arrived within minutes and caught the pair with stolen electronics from the home inside a car parked outside.

Resident Evan Browne said he and his roommate are still shaken up but otherwise alright. He shared some interesting information about the two men who ransacked his home. He said what happened to him Monday morning was not a random act. He said Lacobon and James Rouse were acquaintances of him and his roommate. He said both men had been to his house before and were familiar with the electronics they later tried to steal.

Ann Sanchez lives a couple of doors down from where the break-in occurred. She hadn't heard yet what happened to her neighbors. She said a few years ago, she went through a similar situation.

"I used to live across town," Sanchez said. "I've had a motorcycle stolen from my kid and a bicycle. They're from people that you know, and that's what's sad. People you know are the one's who are stealing from you."

According to a police report, while at the station in handcuffs, the men admitted they did wrong. Sanchez said luckily they didn't come busting in her place.

"I just bought a Ruger .40 from my father," Sanchez said, "Because I need to protect my family. I've got four kids."

She said what happened to Browne and his roommate shouldn't have happened and believes it's another reason to unite the residents even more.

"Marlow is like a community," Sanchez said. "So, we've got to let other people know what's going on, or we're never going to get the thieves to stop doing what they're doing."

The Stephens County Sheriff's Office said Lacobon and Rouse are still behind bars.



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