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Attorneys settle civil lawsuits filed against Stanley Marsh 3

Early Saturday evening, NewsChannel 10 announced that millionaire Stanley Marsh 3 had settled with all ten men who sued Marsh in civil court.  Lawsuits filed after alleged victims came forward wanting compensation, claiming they were sexually abused by Marsh 3 as teenagers.

The name Stanley Marsh 3 has long been associated with accusations that he molested teens in exchange for money, drugs and gifts. And past lawsuits were settled quietly much like the ones announced Saturday.

In the mid-nineties Stanley Marsh 3 was indicted for indecency with a child. That case would be dismissed. A few years later, four lawsuits were filed alleging Marsh of sexual misconduct and harassment of teens. With those lawsuits came an apology from Marsh and a secret settlement between Marsh and the defendants. Then in October of 2012 eleven lawsuits were filed, one would eventually be dropped. Those lawsuits again alleging Marsh of sexually abusing teenagers.

And once again the cases are closed quietly. Here is the joint statement from attorneys on both sides of the lawsuits:

"The Plaintiffs and the Marsh entities in this case, to include Gwendolyn Marsh as Guardian for Stanley Marsh 3, have resolved all of their differences. None of the parties are authorized to comment on the nature or amount of the settlement.  The parties will have no further comment."

Four months after filing these lawsuits, the civil portion of this case is over. Marsh continues to face criminal charges, charges that if convicted could send him to prison for up to 20 years.

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