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Comanche Co. Residents' Dogs Apparently Poisoned

COMANCHE CO., Okla_ Residents in northeastern Comanche County say someone is poisoning their dogs.

Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley said there have been four suspicious dog deaths in the past year. They're all in the same neighborhood: a residential area just east of Lake Lawtonka on Miller Road. He said it's still early in the investigation, but it appears that all of the dogs were poisoned with antifreeze.

Investigators say these types of cases are difficult to prove. It's very hard to determine how the antifreeze got into the dogs' systems. It's hard to know whether they drank it, or if they ate something that was soaked in it.

Right now, investigators are waiting on lab reports from veterinarians to determine the level of antifreeze toxicity in the dogs. A local vet said they both displayed symptoms of antifreeze poisoning: acting drunk, vomiting and kidney failure. Their owners said it's a devastating loss.

Dog owner Stacy Kinney said he's had to bury three of his dogs here in the past eight months. Kinney said they all died of apparent antifreeze poisoning, one of them just last week.

"It was Thursday night," Kinney said. "My four-year-old boxer came down with the same symptoms. So knowing what it was at that point, we immediately carried him to the vet, hoping to flush it out of his system. Of course, to failure, it didn't. Friday night, we had to put him down."

He said it's a devastating loss for his entire family; it's a loss they've had to deal with too many times.

"They're not just animals," Kinney said. "They're family to us. We've raised these from the time they were small and raised up with all of our children. Our Jack Russell had been around the world with us."

Kinney said after the deaths, he and another resident turned to the sheriff's department for help. Sheriff Stradley said these types of cases are often difficult to solve.

"You never know where the dogs roaming or anything like that," Stradley said. "With farmers trying to take care of their cattle, they could bait the dogs, putting out poison or something like that. They could be going over somebody's house, tearing up the flower bed. People put out antifreeze for that. It's very hard to prove."

Stradley said the necessary lab reports will provide vital evidence for their case. Until then, Kinney said he'll be keeping an even closer eye on his pets.

Sheriff Stradley said right now, they're not sure if the dogs were poisoned intentionally. He said it's a good possibility that they may have ingested the antifreeze because of someone who carelessly left it out in the open. To his knowledge, no one has ever been prosecuted for that, but he does say it's not smart.

Sheriff Stradley said until this case gets resolved, he's urging residents to keep a close watch over their pets. Veterinarians say dogs will be tempted to drink antifreeze because of its sweet taste.



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