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Lawton Residents Petitioning Local Club

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LAWTON Okla_ Local residents have continued the battle to shut down the Platinum Gentlemen's Club just west of Lawton. 

It's been the scene of several violent crimes, including two shooting deaths just last month. Now, they've started a petition to close it. Tony Que and Pastor Sam Moyd of Lawton want the club to be declared a public nuisance. The men say too many lives have been lost and something needs to change.

Moyd and Que say they plan on presenting the petition at a hearing next Tuesday. That's where the Platinum Gentlemen's Club will have to fight to get their beer license reinstated. The District Attorney's Office filed a motion to revoke it earlier this month. Moyd and Que say they got involved when residents who live near the club asked them for help.

"The amount of social entertainment that is out there has been partial cause of loss of life," Que said. "Law enforcement is not at a level to where it can be constant security in a situation like that."

"We have to weigh the needs of entertainment and having fun, versus going there and being in danger when you get there," Moyd said. "Our job is to pray for the families who lost loved ones and stop the violence anyway we can."

They say after two men were killed outside the club last month, they decided that action from the public was needed to help bolster the county's efforts to quiet the club. The Comanche County District Attorney's Office filed a motion about two weeks ago to have the club's beer license revoked, based on the fact that some of the information on their application was inaccurate.

County Attorney Jerry Cude said next Tuesday's hearing will deal with whether or not they intentionally misrepresented themselves on that application. He said that information is supposed to prove that they can legally do business in Oklahoma. Cude said the county believes it was not an honest mistake. Moyd and Que say they want to make one thing clear: this is not about regulating business, but about saving lives.

"Why should someone be able to be in their house scared to death, because they don't know when a bullet is going to fly through their window from a club?" Que said. "We don't want to take away rights from the owner of the business, but we would like them to consider a business that at least will benefit the community at large and then make money."

The club is currently closed ahead of the hearing. The legal owner of the property is a man named Arthur Goa out of Wichita Falls, under the business name PT Towers, LLC.

Again, the hearing about the club's license is next Tuesday. 7News plans to have information from that hearing.

Pastor Moyd said he and other residents are planning a group prayer in front of the courthouse ahead of Tuesday's hearing. County Attorney Jerry Cude said their petition will not have legal merit in that hearing, but it would have merit if a public nuisance hearing were to be set.


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