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Mother of Starvation Victim Testifies Against Former Sill Soldier

LAWTON Okla_ More horrifying details in the starvation death of a 10-year-old boy in May 2011 were heard inside Lawton's federal courtroom.

Friday, the boy's mother, Candice Holloway, took the stand. She told the court that her boyfriend, Connell Williams, was a heartless human being, who thrived on control over her and her son.

She admitted to knowing that the former Fort Sill soldier was abusing her son. She said she knew he fed Marcus a meager diet of crackers, cereal bars, and noodles. She said Williams wouldn't give Marcus any clothing or blankets to keep warm, and if ever he caught Marcus sneaking food, he punished him harshly. If he caught the boy digging leftover food out of the garbage disposal and eating it, he would force him to take ice water baths and sleep on the wet floor without a blanket.

She also testified that she and Williams referred to the boy's room as a "dungeon". She said the day he died, she found him blue gasping for air, but she didn't call 911 until she texted Williams for his permission.

Holloway agreed to testify against Williams in exchange for a 30-year-prison sentence. She was convicted of first degree murder in her son's death. Connell Williams is being tried for first degree murder.

Prosecutors are asking for the death penalty. We'll  keep you updated.


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