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Salvation Army Taking Donations for Adopt-A-Child

LAWTON Okla_ The Salvation Army kicked off their third annual Adopt-A-Child campaign Friday at a luncheon at the Lawton Boys and Girls Club.

Through the program, the Salvation Army is able to provide a place for many children to go after school where they're taught life lessons they may not otherwise be learning at home. The program is focused on helping children who may not get the one-on-one time they need or crave.

Program officials say by providing that, those children's odds of becoming productive citizens of society increases and benefit everyone. It's a fun and safe place where kids can be kids while learning skills they'll soon need.

"The Boys and Girls Club teach life skills that some of these children aren't getting at home," Lawton Salvation Army Captain Ernest Hull said. "Typically, they'll do better in school, and their grades increase. It's not all about coming and playing. They get time in the homework room. We call it our ‘power hour'."

Hull said each year they try to raise more money than the last, so more kids can attend. He said the more kids inside their walls means more children off the streets.

"These are your children," Hull said. "The children of your community could be out on the streets committing crimes or getting into trouble. Instead, they are learning. They are going to develop into the citizens you want to have as your neighbor."

Guest speaker and professional wrestler Ty Evans, known as Michael Tarver, said he came to Friday's event because of a need he hopes everyone recognizes.

"There are children that need someone that you would never know, unless you did the investigation," Evans said "So, you might be saving a life and don't even realize it just by making a decision to try."

Hull said your donation, big or small, is guaranteed to have a large impact on the heart of a small child.

"One young lady last night came up and gave me a hug," Hull said. "Some of these kids aren't getting that at home, and it's nice to know I can provide that loving touch that some of these children need."

Hull said their goal is to raise $40,000 to sponsor 137 children. He said if you're interested in helping out, they appreciate any donation.

If you would like more information you can contact the Lawton Salvation Army at 580-355-1802

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