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Scholarships for all seniors at local high school

Seniors at a local high school have a unique opportunity to continue their education. All Highland Park graduating seniors can receive a $200.00 scholarship and teachers more grants to enhance education.

Whitney Shaffer is a senior at Highland Park High School. She says, "I plan to go off to college and study. I mean, every little bit of money is going to help because being a doctor, you're going to be in school for a long time. So I would hate to have a bigger debt than I need to." Senior Matthew Donaghy says, "I already have some scholarships to WT, but I don't have all the ones I need. And just any bit of help. And I really think it's going to help me to go to WT and hopefully become a broadcaster." These seniors say it can help pay for textbooks and tuition fees.

Cindy Spanel with Highland Park Education Foundation Board says, "Even though our district's in a property rich district here, most of our money goes back to the state of course. But we have a lot of students. We have a lot of students that don't get the benefits like they would get in town. They don't have the opportunities, you know, we don't have the Ace Scholarships out here, Amarillo Area Foundation. "

The Amarillo Highland Park Education Foundation says thanks to their first Boots and Bling annual fundraiser last year, more than 20 students received scholarships and a lot more kids are going to college.

Highland Park schools received more than $10,000 benefiting hundreds of students. Angie Baldwin, Coordinator of Elementary Curriculum & Instruction at Highland Park ISD, says, "I received a little over $700.00, and what that did was buy supplies for 6 different teachers' classrooms. We put materials in the kids' hands and the teacher's hands to support a strong foundation in numeracy."

Michael Hayes, District Science Coordinator and 8th Grade Science Teacher, at Highland Park ISD, says, he received a $600.00 grant. He says, "I started producing videos to enhance my lessons in classroom. And I started posting them to YouTube for parents and students to review the lessons in class."

The foundation held their second annual Boots and Bling fundraiser Friday. The money collected will go toward more student scholarships and to continue enhancing instruction.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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