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New Stamp Honors Life and Work of Rosa Parks

LAWTON, Okla_Rosa Parks is an icon in the fight for civil rights, and now her memory will live on forever in the form of a special edition stamp issued by the United States Postal Service.

Each year the USPS issues a special stamp for Black History Month, and Parks was chosen this year in honor of what would've been her 100th birthday.

The Lawton Postal Service presented a framed version of the stamp to the Lawton's NAACP chapter Friday afternoon.

Members of the local NAACP chapter gathered around to admire a brand new stamp and an inspiring role model.

"The stamp is beautiful this year and it is a real commemorative stamp. It speaks a great deal about our fight for freedom and the starting point from which that struggle began, " said chapter president, Willie Guest.

On December 1st, 1955 Rosa Parks was arrested after refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. Her actions sparked hundreds to join the fight against segregation, and earned her the title of "The Mother of Modern-Day Civil Rights". But Rosa wasn't concerned with fame or notoriety. All that mattered to her was doing what was right.

"She had a resolve, and because of her resolve she became, " said Guest.

Parks fought for civil rights until the day she died. Her crusade is admired by many of every creed and color, not just because of the things she was able to achieve, but for what she overcame.

"Our country is only as great as its people. And I remember a lot of people who stood for that which is right, who stood for change and who were motivated so that no matter what the hindrances were they overcame the hindrances and moved forward toward the change, " Guest said.

Guest could not express his gratitude to the postal service enough. He said it's reasons like these that keep him motivated to fight for civil rights each and every day.

"It takes us back to the point. Before we began and reminds us that the struggle began with one person. Because sometimes we feel that I don't count because I'm only one, but one person can make a difference, " said Guest.

The stamp was released nationwide on February 4th which would have been Parks' 100th birthday.

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