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Comanche Nation Firefighters Train to Protect Land From Wildfire

LAWTON, Okla._First year Comanche Nation fire fighters were hard at work Saturday training to beat refuge fires that just last year devastated the area.

Nearly a dozen new fire fighters set out with tools necessary to fight a large fire.

They practiced creating a perimeter around unpredictable wildlife fires in Oklahoma winds.

For many of them, this job is a way to honor their past.

The group of guys walked nearly a mile to the base of a mountain where fires just last year had wreaked havoc.

And just like the men before them they were thinking about saving lives while fighting flames and preserving nature...and even honoring their ancestry.

"This land, and my culture, we're tied together strongly, dating back several generations. My people have been on this land for a long time. I just kind of look at this job as a caretaker of the land," said rookie, Guy Narcomey.

Once the group arrived at the base of the mountain they received their assignment.

"About a three mile hike up to the mountain, up to the base up there. We're going to do some practice fire line digging, some scraping, just working on some of the techniques we learned in class," said Narcomey.  

The training required both mental and physical endurance.

But Narcomey, although a rookie, says protecting his ancestors land for himself and others is his calling.

"This sort of thing, getting out and being physical and having to use your mind at the same time is just something I feel like comes natural," said Narcomey.

Narcomey knows that his ancestors would be proud of his achievements and the fact that he is dedicated himself to preserving what has been here for years.

"First and foremost this land is not only beautiful and everything, it's sacred to us, it's sacred to our people. We feel like we're caretakers of the land and that this land, it not only belongs to us and to our people, it's something that we share with all the inhabitants of mother earth. We feel that if we can do something, we should use our resources and our talents to take care of that land," said Narcomey.  

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