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Church Breakfast Takes Violent Turn

LAWTON, Okla_Church leaders are left puzzled and disappointed after a hand up in their church's morning soup kitchen took a violent turn Saturday morning when a man was stabbed several times.

Police were called to Centenary Methodist Church on 7th and SW B around nine Saturday morning after an argument turned violent.

Police are still trying to piece together what took place in the moments leading up to the stabbing. Church members say they too are searching for answers.

Pastor Norma Quinn said in all of her years as a church leader has never had to deal with something like this. She believes although Saturday morning's events were scary for those in attendance, it won't get in the way of them giving back to the community.

Over 80 people had checked in when Quinn said two men began to argue.

"We have a team of volunteers and they were stationed throughout the room and apparently these people were in the back of the room about to wait in line to be served and that's when things went south, " Quinn explained.

She said things went from bad to worse when the men started to fight, and one of them reached for a knife, turning it on his victim.

"Apparently it was some kind of personal issue between the two people and they chose and aggressive way to deal with it, " said Quinn.

Dr. Quinn never thought they'd have to consider taking security measures while trying to help others.

She said as a result of what happened they'll have to take a look at how to better protect their guests and volunteers.

"Our main role here is to be a mission station, and this is a very important mission of the church. And we , you know it's unfortunate that this happened but it's just such an isolated event. There's never been anything like this, probably never will be anything like this. It's one of those things that could've happened anywhere when tempers flare, " Quinn said.

She said her church will continue to pray for both of the men's health and safety.

And although her volunteers might be a little shaken up, she said without a doubt nothing will get in the way of having the breakfast again for years to come.

"Their passion will override any kind of concerns that they might have because they see the people, the families and little children that we feed, and they're gonna make sure that it continues and not let something like this stop them, " said Quinn.

When police arrived one man was taken to hospital, the other to jail.

The victim is expected to recover.

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