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Local Farmers and Businesses React to Recent Rain

LAWTON Okla_ Monday's winter storm system didn't produce the snow that was expected in our area, but it did provide us with some much needed rain.

Half of an inch fell locally, giving us nearly two inches in the past couple of weeks. That actually puts us above average for the month of February: a place we haven't been since September of last year. That doesn't mean we're out of the woods when it comes to the drought.

7News Reporter Sara Whaley talked to a farmer and an owner of a landscape business Monday. While they both agree the recent rainfall hasn't been a fix all for the drought, it definitely has been a step in the right direction.

John's Farm depends on water, so he said he is welcoming it with open arms.

"It's really important that we got this rain at this point and at this time in the year," farmer Lance John said.

John said just two weeks ago, the pond was anything but a pond. It was nearly empty, but now with the recent rains it's nearly 2/3 full.

"We're not having to haul water to our cattle as much," John said.

Hauling water to dry spots was a lengthy and costly process. John said they had to fill a 1,000 gallon tank twice per day.

"Now it's going to be parked, hopefully for years," John said. "For right now, it's going to be parked there, for a few months anyway."

Farmers aren't the only ones benefiting from the recent rain. Danny Elkouri owns a landscaping business that doesn't do well if yards aren't getting water, whether it's from Mother Nature or by artificial means.

"If they can't water their yard, they can't protect their investment," Elkouri said. "Therefore, they won't continue to invest in their yard."

No investment means no money for Elkouri. So, he is thankful for every inch of rain we've gotten.

"We've had a few new calls come in wanting to put in new landscape," Elkouri said.

He also sees there is still a problem.

"The rain we've received in the last two weeks or so has been very beneficial for the grass and been very beneficial for the wheat and for the top growth," Elkouri said, "But it hasn't done anything for the water levels."

If the lake levels don't rise, we will continue to have watering restrictions. That in itself still has Elkouri a little concerned, especially if it's prolonged.

"That would stop the vigorous growth of the grass and the plants," Elkouri said. "I'd feel a lot better if we had a 6-inch downpour."

The City of Lawton is under a Stage 2 Mandatory Water Restriction right now, meaning residents can only water every other day. Even addresses can water on even days, and odd addresses on odd days.

We were at a Stage 3 Restriction just a couple of months ago, so that is good news. Climatologists are encouraging people to be patient, as they continue to be hopeful that our region is transitioning to a more favorable climate for rain.

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