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Residents React to Officer-Involved Shooting in Neighborhood

LAWTON Okla_ Immediately after Wednesday's officer-involved shooting, dozens of lawmen from Lawton police, to Comanche County deputies, to highway patrolmen scoured the surrounding neighborhood with guns drawn and accompanied by police dogs.

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They wanted that second suspect. They even went door to door, looking for him. For some time, B.C. Swinney Elementary School was also placed on lockdown, as a precaution.

Many of the residents who spoke with 7News said they knew what was going on, either hearing it first hand from authorities on scene or seeing it on our 7News Facebook page. We also spoke with a woman who captured the aftermath on her phone.

Venis Scott captured cell phone video after hearing the shots and commotion from a nearby fast food restaurant.

"I was scared, I'm not going to lie," Scott said. "I was just getting to Taco Bell, and all of a sudden you just hear this ‘Pop! Pop!'."

An officer and a suspect had gone down, and one man remained wanted. Authorities took to the streets, looking closely at houses for several blocks. Emily Jeantet's home was one of those. She said while they didn't physically come inside, they did take a peek through her windows.

"I'm scared you know," Jeantet said. "I thought, ‘My God, what happened?' They had rifles, pistols and everything."

Authorities searched tunnels, ditches, and yards and talking to anyone who might be able to provide a lead. One resident said the sight of officers out in their neighborhood on a manhunt was a little too close for comfort.

"I mean it's scary," resident Angelica Hargraves said. "I'm the only one home, and you don't know where he's at."

Hargraves said at one point, she was about to pull her daughter out of B.C. Swinney Elementary School, but it was on lockdown. Officials advised her it wouldn't be a good idea.

"They said that she's probably safer sitting there than me trying to pull her out," Hargraves said.

As time went by, authorities weren't any closer to finding the suspect. As the hunt for the man went from a few blocks to a few more, Evie Davenport said she was wondering why several authorities were riding by her house. She later read on our 7News page that they were looking for a possible cop shooter.

"It's really sad to me," Davenport said. "We come from a city much larger than Lawton. We're from Tacoma, Washington, and our crime rate there isn't what it is here. That's scary and sad."

She said today's activity in near her neighborhood is one reason she has decided to leave.

"We're actually on a house hunt right now," Davenport said. "We've got an offer on another house and are moving out of this direct area, because this area seems to be the worst."

Other residents echoed the same sentiment. They'd like to move if more peace isn't spread throughout their neighborhood.



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