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Investigation Leads to Capture of Missing Suspect

LAWTON, Ok la_The missing suspect Lawton Police were searching for was taken into custody.

He was identified as 22-year-old Jamal Erwin Johnson.

He was taken into custody just before 9:30 Wednesday evening. They had targeted him within a few hours of the shooting.

Once word got out about what happened Wednesday morning, the calls started coming in, and the search to find the missing suspect was on.

"We know the direction that the subject went. And one thing we've found through the years is when somebody is running from the police they try to get some place and hide, " said Captain Craig Akard of the Lawton Police Department.

Captain Akard said there was lots of chatter on the streets about who the missing suspect might be.

They had to take every call they received about their description of "the black man, in a black hoodie" seriously, but as the day went on, officers were finally able to begin zeroing in on Jamal Erwin Johnson.

"We have received information of possible vehicles and who the second person might be, and if we get a name we want to try and track that vehicle down, that person down, " said Akard.

"We've got every available resource we can use to assist us in tracking down this individual, " said Lawton Police Chief, James Smith.

And even though the suspect has been caught, Agent Richard Goss of the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation said, the question of who shot who is still unknown.

His team is working tirelessly to gather all the evidence for what he says will be a lengthy investigation.

Most of all, Goss said, it was a reminder of how fast things can change.

"We have a police officer in broad daylight responding to a burglary scene, and tries to stop two guys he believed may have been involved in the burglary, and they start shooting at the officer. You know, I'm just thankful at this point in time that the officer is going to be okay, " said Goss.

The name and condition of the suspect in the hospital has still not been released.

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