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Lawton neighborhood prepares for Red Cross drill Saturday

Lawton_A first-ever tornado drill for the Oklahoma and Texas Red Cross will be held Saturday. The Sullivan Village addition, on the city's east side, will be the site of a simulated tornado outbreak.

More than 700 volunteers in both states will sweep through neighborhoods and quickly assess the "damage".  Then they have to relay that information back to the Red Cross.

It's a critical drill because it teaches volunteers to quickly assess the situation and determine how much food, supplies, and manpower are needed.

"We had two big tornadoes go through our state last year. We had the one in Woodward and had one go through Norman. Of course, Oklahoma is a tornado-prone state, so it only makes since that we are always ready to go," said Ken Garcia, Regional Communications Director for the Red Cross.

The drill will last from 9:30 to noon.

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