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Man searched following shootout defends police actions

Lawton_Police officer Eric Weatherly and suspect Demetrius Miller remain hospitalized after an exchange of gunfire Wednesday near 26th and Cache Road.

A second suspect, Jamal Erwin Johnson, was also arrested hours after police responded to a possible burglary in progress.

Up until his arrest, witnesses say the neighborhood was chaotic, as possible suspects were stopped and questioned.

Chris Mitchell lives in that neighborhood and was on his way to work when his day-to-day routine was interrupted by a swarm of officers.

"It was kinda like a scene out of a movie."

He says he was searching for a way out of his neighborhood after officers blocked all exits when he was suddenly stopped.

"There's a cop car  that stopped me from the front, from behind they flung their doors open, they had their guns ready and I'm like, 'Oh my gosh! What's going on?"

Terrified and still unsure what was happening, Mitchell says he was ordered what to do next.

"All of a sudden (they said) 'Hands in the air, hands in the air, hands where I can see them.' So I put my hands in the air, I couldn't figure out what was going on."

He says once stopped, he eagerly complied.

"You know they got me out of the vehicle my hands behind my back, assumed the position, hands behind my head, patted me down and asked what are you doing, what's your name, trying to get my information."

After explaining he lived in the area and his ID checked out, Mitchell says he learned what was happening and why he had been stopped.

"After the scare and the shake down they said there was a shooting just moments ago and there's a suspect, we thought since you were circling the neighborhood you were could be picking up the shooter that may have called for a ride cause he was on foot."

Mitchell says while the experience was terrifying he says he understands why he and others were stopped and questioned.

"My heart was beating out of my chest for sure, I just never been in a situation like that. I was like, 'What could they be thinking?' or thought I could have done it.  I knew it had to be a mistake. It shook me up.  They were aggressive. They patted me down, but they were doing their jobs."

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