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Body shop business booms after blizzard

While the snow kept many of us from working this week, it's actually doubled the work load for some body shops in Amarillo.

It was a week full of slipping and sliding across the icy roadways for drivers in the Amarillo area, and unfortunately, that's sent a lot of folk's cars to the repair shop. NewsChannel 10 spoke to several shops in town, and it varied from place to place, but most said they see their profits increase by about 20 percent after a storm like this week's. One even expects to see double the number of cars this month than what they worked on last month. Bad news for those car owners, but good news for body shop business.

"Sometimes after a big snow like this we might start scheduling cars, for the most part we just take them in as they come in," said Jimmy Fincher, owner of Jimmy Fincher Body Shop. "But if we get really busy we'll start scheduling stuff. It's unfortunate people have to wreck their car for us to get busy but that's the way it works."

Fincher said most of the repairs they see after a snow storm are fairly minor, although they will have a few that are totaled. But even then, those minor repairs usually cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.

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