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Red Cross trains volunteers ahead of tornado season

As we start gearing up for tornado season in the Texas Panhandle, the American Red Cross wants to make sure its volunteers are prepared and ready to handle such a disaster.

That's why Saturday morning, about 25 red cross volunteers were out walking around neighborhoods in Amarillo for a practice disaster drill. The purpose was to help train those volunteers on how to assess the damage to homes and property, then report that information back to the Red Cross office, so they'll know how to better assist victims.

"One of the things the Red Cross tries to get people to do is to be prepared. Whether that's for CPR classes or drills like we're doing today, it's important for our community to be prepared to respond to disasters," explained Texas Panhandle American Red Cross Executive Director Steve Pair. "So today is the perfect example of us being prepared, giving our volunteers who will actually be in the field caring this out should something happen, good experience."

Currently, the Red Cross is looking for more disaster assessment volunteers before tornado season hits. To become a Red Cross volunteer and learn more about upcoming training courses, log on to their web site at Once there, click the volunteer link and follow the steps given.

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