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Snyder Teen in Hospital After Being Hit by Truck

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SNYDER Okla_ A 13-year-old girl from Snyder is in the intensive care unit in an Oklahoma City hospital after being hit by a pickup Monday morning.

The accident happened about 8:30 AM in a crosswalk at the intersection of 13th and 'C' Street in Snyder. Police say the girl was on her way to school just a few blocks away when she was hit. Police say an elderly man driving the pickup truck told them he did not see her.


An official with Snyder Public Schools said the girl suffered a severe concussion, a broken leg and a cracked pelvis. One woman said she not only saw the whole thing unfold right before her eyes; she also stopped to help.

Dianne Janz was waiting at the stop sign to cross that very intersection.

"It was a terrifying scene," Janz said. "I just hope no one ever has to witness that."

She had just dropped her grandchildren off at school and was going home. She said she saw the young girl walking north on 'C' Street toward the crosswalk.

"I thought, ‘Boy, she looks happy'," Janz said. "Her hair was swinging, and she was really happy. I saw that pickup, and I kept thinking, ‘Well he'll stop, ‘he'll stop.'"

Janz said she saw the young girl walking the crosswalk, with the pickup coming from the east, not seeming to slow down. Then, the unimaginable happened. The pickup truck hit the teenage girl. The impact threw her several feet into the air.

Janz said the pickup truck passed over the young girl, but the tires never actually hit her. She said she used her car to block oncoming traffic and ran to the girl's side. She said didn't touch the young girl, who was shaking uncontrollably.

"I kept telling her, ‘It will be okay, it'll be okay. Just lay still. Lay still,'" Janz said. "I never could get her to respond to me."

Janz said another person stopped by, who happened to be an RN at the local hospital, and they were able to get the girl some help. While she realizes it was an accident, she believes a change at the intersection can help drivers be more aware.

"We need lights just like they have on Main Street, because this is a busy street," Janz said.

She said she is going to talk to Snyder city officials about that. She said it has been brought up in the past, but never acted on. She said this morning's incident is a good reason to get it done before another accident happens.

The incident did not happen in a school zone. Police cited the man, but they are still investigating to see if anything else played a factor.  

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