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Comanche Co. Man Loses House to Fire

COMANCHE CO., Okla_ Investigators are now looking into the cause of that fire we told you about Monday near Fletcher.

The fire broke out just around 4:00 AM at a house on Keeney Road. Homeowner Marvin Dees said he was in Oklahoma City when it happened. His brother, who is also his neighbor, noticed flames coming from the house and called 911. Dees said when he got the news, he raced home. He said he was not prepared for seeing his two-story home of almost 40 years reduced to rubble.

Usually this type of thing may break a person's spirit, but Dees said his biggest fear was that one of his four daughters, who he raised on his own in that house, was inside the house during the fire. He said once he found out they were alright, he was able to come to terms with what happened. He said this fire may have destroyed his house, but it did not destroy his life.

"Everything in the world goes through your mind," Dees said. "I was putting it on speed control, because occasionally, you get to thinking and you do floorboard them. I did that."

Dees said by the time he arrived at his home, it was engulfed in flames. He said firefighters even had to chop down this tree right here, which he and his daughter had planted, because it caught on fire. He said by the time the flames were extinguished, his two-story, 2,800 square foot home was destroyed.

"You see a lifetime of work and dreams go up in smoke," Dees said. "As I've said before, it's a shame to get knocked down and a sin to stay there. So, this is not going to get us down. We're just going to go from here."

He said he's got a wonderful network of support, but there are still moments that he longs for his home.

"That's what I have," Dees said. "So, you just make do with what you've got. I went to my brother's house and spent the night, and I was very comfortable. Their home is my home, but you miss having that place to go lay down. You miss your home. I've got to build another one, and it'll come. It will be there."

Dees said despite his situation, he considers himself blessed. He's got his family, friends and memories that can never be destroyed. Dees said his fondest memory of his home is when he and his four daughters were remodeling it together. He said he does plan on building another home at that site.



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