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Home Explodes in Temple, Kills One

TEMPLE, Okla_ A house explosion in Temple killed an elderly man Tuesday.

The explosion happened around 2:00 PM Tuesday. We have unofficial reports that the man who lived in the house heated it with propane. Neighbors think that's what caused the explosion.

7News Reporter Kathryn Gisi spoke with Alex Steward. He said he was visiting his mother-in-law at the house next door, when the house went up in flames.

"I was standing there in the living room," Steward said. "It sounded like a bomb went off. We jumped up, and my wife looked out the window. So, we run out around the front of the house, which takes about a minute, and it was all engulfed in flames. We couldn't help him. It was blown, with the walls out and everything."

Authorities weren't releasing much information at the scene. The scene was so chaotic our news crew wasn't able to get very close to the site. The Undersheriff said until investigators got to the scene, they would not be able to release a cause or even who the victim was. The locals seemed to have known him. There were neighbors looking on in every direction. Undersheriff David Johnston said a tragedy like this will really shake this small community.

"This is the first house explosion like this I've seen," Johnston said. "It's one of the community members. It's family."

Again, this house was on the corner of Minnesota and Walnut in Temple.

We'll be sure to keep you updated when we find out from investigators the cause of the explosion.

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