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Comanche Co. Health Department Accredited

COMANCHE CO., Okla_ Comanche County's Health Department is one of the best in the country.

The department recently received accreditation, and it's only one out of eleven in the nation to receive the status. Last December, the Public Health Accreditation Board visited the department. They took a close look at the efficiency and management of the department's services and found it did extremely well.

Comanche County Health Department Director Brandie O'Connor said it means they are on the right track to keeping residents healthy, and with this accreditation, they have even more of a reason to do so.

They've been working on it for two years, and now the Comanche County Health Department is officially accredited.

O'Connor said it's an essential title.

"With accreditation comes the potential to say to potential donors and grant donors that we meet these public standards," O'Connor said. "We have a public health work force, we have community partners and we have a system in place that meets these national standards. We excel in them."

Accreditation Coordinator Dana Webb-Randall said the department has been anxiously waiting on the results for a while. The Public Health Accreditation Board visited them back in December.

"It was an anxious time just waiting to see," Webb-Randall said. "It was really important to us to try to be one of the firsts accredited, since we had gone through that beta test and had been preparing up until this point."

Dana said the board based its decision on "ten essential public health services", from educating people on health to enforcing laws to protect the community's health. She worked with the entire staff, gathering and coordinating information and showing over 500 pages of documented proof that the department did meet all the necessary requirements.

"It's a huge, big deal to me," Webb-Randall said. "We're showing that we're able to meet those national standards, and we haven't been able to do that up until this point."

This allows them to continue to provide services that are now considered top notch.

"We're going to use it for bragging rights," Webb-Randall said. "We're going to have that accreditation seal on our applications and letter heads and be very, very proud."

O'Connor said they have to reapply for accreditation every five years. The department also works with health departments in Caddo, Kiowa and Cotton Counties. They hope to have them accredited within that time as well.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health and Oklahoma City-County Health Departments were also accredited.



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