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Two New Councilmen Prepare For Duty in Lawton

LAWTON, Okla_The Lawton City Council will get two brand new perspectives on everything from water usage to balancing the budget starting with next Tuesday's meeting. 

On Monday, Keith Jackson and Bob Morford were sworn in as the two newest councilmen.

They are replacing Michael Tenis and bill Shoemate respectively, and both men say they are ready to pick up where their predecessors left off.

Each is bringing a totally new flavor to the Lawton City Council. Jackson brings experience as he's returning for his third term on the council, and Morford, while new to the council, has lived in Lawton for over 70 years and is determined to make the town a destination of choice for residents and businesses alike.

"It's like starting school. You're anxious, you want to see who your friends are, you're going to want to see who your enemies are and you want to go to work and see if you can get something accomplished, " said incoming councilman Keith Jackson as he described taking on his new role.

He's a small business owner and lifelong Lawtonian, and he believes those skills will be vital in his work as councilman.

Morford is a first time councilman. He's a dentist and a real estate developer, and he knows the town like the back of his hand.

"I've complained and all along with everybody else and I just thought I'd go down and try and see if I can do any better, " said Morford.

With their different backgrounds and experiences, both men bring a totally different perspective to the council. But one of the things they can see eye to eye on is that Lawton's biggest problem is crime, and they want to get more officers on the streets.

"Crime and streets I think are the mains concerns of everybody, " said Morford.

"We've got to get them out from behind the desk, we've got to get them out from the city barn area, we've got to get them back out on the street and help cover the area, " Jackson said.

Water and money are the other hot ticket items the men hope to tackle.

Jackson wants to look into new sources to draw our water from to ease the pain of drought, and Morford hopes to foster an environment that is attractive to business owners so the town can bring in more revenue.

"I'm just really interested in Lawton, and I want to help, " Morford said.

"I don't fill anybody's shoes. I'll be looking to work with the current council to get things done. I've learned it's better to work with the council than to blaze your own trail -- it don't work, " said Jackson.

Both men mentioned they are eagerly awaiting their first meeting. Each will serve for the next three years.

Jackson and Morford's first meeting as council members will be next Tuesday night, March 12th. 

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