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Lawton House Representative Speaks at Luncheon

LAWTON Okla_ Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon said the State House wants to set the state up as a shining example of fiscal responsibility and develop the economy at the same time.

The Lawton lawmaker spoke before a full house today at the annual legislative luncheon in Lawton. He was joined by a large contingent of southwest Oklahoma lawmakers, including Representatives Don Armes and Ann Coody.  

"I think the nation is hungry for a place that doesn't spend more than it makes," Representative Shannon said, "That looks around and says, ‘We are going to take care of our pressing needs', ‘What are the core services of government?' and ‘How do we let people keep more of their hardworking money?"

The speaker said while the session is only 4 weeks in, it's gone smoothly. Shannon wants another change. He said there will be workers compensation reform this session.

Many lawmakers want to change the system from a court to an administrative system overseen by commissioners appointed by the governor.



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