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Elgin Students Raise Money For Boy in Need

Elgin, Okla_High school students aren't always known for their charity work, but the Student Council at Elgin High School is doing what they can to change that.

Friday night, they kicked off a week's worth of events the Student Council is calling "Superheroes For Shane". They're setting out to raise all the money they can for a little boy in their community who is battling a ferocious cancer.

His name is Shane Smith. He's five years old, and he's battling stage 4 Neuroblastoma. It's an aggressive cancer that's spread into his bone marrow.

Shane was diagnosed in October, and ever since his mother has been coping with reality.

But thanks to the Student Council at Elgin High, she's getting a little relief.

"We really wanted to help out someone hopefully in our community. And so really we kinda had our eyes open all year just looking for someone, " said Student Council Vice President, Hannah Cummins.

So when they heard about Shane, the energetic, Spiderman-loving boy with the big cancer, they knew he was the one they wanted to help.

"Shane actually loves superheroes, so we thought what better theme to have than a superhero theme for the week. So we're having our slogan be Superheroes for Shane, " said Student Council President, Savannah Godwin.

All next week they'll have a ton of fundraising events. From dress up days to a dodgeball tournament and about 100 things in between. Every penny will be donated to Shane. Something his mom knows will help with those monstrous gas prices to and from Oklahoma City where he's receiving treatment.

"Whenever we told her initially she was just, I didn't see her face, but I can only imagine like the joy that filled it, " said Godwin.

The girls said the whole school is buzzing with excitement. They're not sure how much money they'll raise, but it's their hopes that their efforts will help Shane grow up to be a healthy boy, and attend high school just like them, so one day he can pay it forward to someone else in need.

"Our goal is to make a huge difference and I cannot wait to have the final result and just give it to Shane and his family, " said Godwin.

"It makes me feel amazing. It just fills me with joy and pride and I am so honored that we're getting the opportunity to do this, " said Cummins.

Shane and his mom are in Oklahoma City so Shane can receive a stem cell transplant.

They should find out next week how effective his treatment has been.

If you'd like to help Shane and his family there will be a garage sale Saturday morning at Elgin High School from 8-12 in the back parking lot.

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