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Three Amarillo churches hit by thieves within two weeks

Three churches in Amarillo recently became the victims of theft. All were hit within about a week and a half of each other.

Despite locked doors, a suspect or suspects found a way inside the Church of Christ at the Colonies and Southwest Church of Christ.

"They probably got about 500 dollars worth of cash," said Randy Wilson, Administrator Counselor for the Church of Christ at the Colonies.

"Made his way into one of the offices and took a laptop, an iPad, and a bad and some things like that and then left," added Doyle Corder, Minister for Southwest Church of Christ.

Security cameras at Southwest captured a shot of the man who robbed their church. The Church of Christ at the Colonies wasn't so lucky.

"What we found out is we have a blank spot," added Wilson. "We have cameras on all of our entrances, except for two and those will be taken care of."

In both cases it appears someone either came in through a back door left unlocked accidentally, or was let in by an innocent youth.

"Somebody would let him in because we want everybody in our building, everybody in our church," explained Corder. "We want everybody in the Kingdom."

But unfortunately, that kindness left a burning reminder for both churches, that having open arms, can't always mean open doors.

"Churches want to help, but we have to use our head too," said Wilson. "Unfortunately, we live in a world nowadays where you've just got to be careful."

Saint Joseph Catholic Church was also targeted by a thief in Amarillo this week. It appeared someone broke into the living quarters there and stole several personal items.  According to Amarillo police, it's unclear if the three incidents are related but two of the churches hit are located only a few blocks apart.

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